Los Angeles Construction Union Leaders Orchestrate a Power Grab in Desert Communities

Desert Community Workers Are Deprived of Jobs

Construction union leaders have launched a political strategy to control jobs in desert communities, import out-of-area workers, cut bid competition, and increase costs for Imperial Irrigation District (IID) ratepayers.

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Construction Union Leaders Put Pressure on Officials Representing Your Desert Communities

Your Local Government Officials Vote YES

Construction union lobbyists are pressuring the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) to require its construction companies to sign a Project Labor Agreement with construction union leaders as a condition of winning contracts.

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Desert Community Ratepayers Pay Up, Pay Out. Can You Afford Higher Power Bills?

IID Customers Send Money to Los Angeles

Customers of the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) will pay higher rates after construction union leaders manipulate the contract bidding process for their own advantage. Can you afford an increase to your power bills? YOU need to tell your IID board to stop the plot.

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Construction Union Leaders’ Campaign to Get Control of Construction Jobs Radiates Out from Los Angeles to the Desert

It’s obvious that the political manipulations of construction union leaders – once confined in California to fiscally irresponsible and mismanaged local government such as Los Angeles Unified School District – now radiates out hundreds of miles from their power base into the suburbs and beyond to the Arizona border. There are jobs in desert communities, and construction union leaders want to control them.

Anything done by local governments in San Diego County and Imperial County is now subjected to political interference from the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO. They want a monopoly on the construction workforce for contracts funded by taxpayer and ratepayers. And monopolies are costly favoritism.

Who can stop this political intrusion of construction union leaders into the desert? The answer is YOU.

Are you an IID customer who pays power bills? Do you want local workers to have local jobs? If so, you need to contact your IID board and tell them to reject the demands for a Project Labor Agreement.

The Imperial Irrigation District belongs to desert communities, not to out-of-area construction union leaders.

Key Documents – Imperial Irrigation District Project Labor Agreement Job Grab

Comprehensively-Argued Letter (with Exhibits) Dated December 9, 2019 from “United Desert Communities” to Imperial Irrigation District: Objections to Proposed Project Labor Agreement Policy

Re: United Desert Communities Objections to PLA Policy and Re: Proposed PLA Policy for all IID for all Construction Work

Utterly Inadequate Imperial Irrigation District Staff Report on Project Labor Agreements Prepared for October 8, 2019 Board Vote to Negotiate with Unions for Future Construction Contracts:

SUBJECT – Project Labor Agreements for IID Construction Projects

Well-Reasoned Objection Letter to Imperial Irrigation District before October 8, 2019 Board Vote on Negotiating a Project Labor Agreement:

Re: Imperial Irrigation District Board’s Consideration of Project Labor Agreements

Inadequate Imperial Irrigation District Staff Report on Project Labor Agreements – September 24, 2019 Board Discussion:

SUBJECT – Project Labor Agreements

Original Sources:

October 8, 2019 Imperial Irrigation District Board Agenda

September 24, 2019 Imperial Irrigation District Board Agenda

Want to Keep Jobs Local for Your Imperial Irrigation District?

Contact your IID board today. Ask them why they want to bring workers in from Los Angeles to displace desert community workers.

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